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…because we don’t treat you like parts.

Experience a whole-person approach to health.

Skin. Muscles. Organs. Bones.  You’re more than that. The body, mind, and spirit are inseparable parts of being human. Shouldn’t they be treated as essential parts of being healthy too?

Mainstream health focuses predominantly on the body and symptoms, not on the root cause. They dissect symptoms, write prescriptions, and send you off to specialists. That’s not how we see it and that’s not how we work. We know that every part of you is interconnected, so we take the time — in hours, not minutes — to know you as a whole, crafting a treatment as unique as you are. That’s why homeopathy can be so beneficial. Homeopathy works the way you do — as a whole.

If you’re tired of being treated like parts, aren’t making the headway you want with your health, or simply want a health care experience that feels less “cog” and more caring, you’ve come to the right place

Put aside 2 hours and get ready to be heard.

A homeopathic consultation is like talking to a friend who truly wants to know how you are. Our goal is to improve your whole life, not just fix your symptoms and send you on your way.

Our initial two-hour session skillfully explores each symptom as well as your medical history, lifestyle, food preferences, activities, sleep, temperament, fears and hobbies. Sometimes we share an “aha” moment and healing begins right there, in our first session.

After each visit, we study your case and send a personalized remedy (in the form of a liquid or pellet) within a week. More complex or chronic conditions may require follow-ups, but many clients feel better within days and don’t need more care.

There’s no “one pill fits all”.

In natural and traditional medicines, standardized treatments are prescribed for each illness or body part. Does that make sense when even the common cold elicits vastly different symptoms in each of us?

Because homeopathy treats you as whole person, there’s no need for invasive tests. We take the time to get to know all aspects of your unique mental, emotional and physical being. This allows us to find the root cause that unites your symptoms and choose the one remedy that matches you as an individual.

Unlike traditional medication, homeopathic remedies are non-toxic. The only side effect? Greater vitality!

Come talk about your health to someone who really listens.

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