About Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy


The Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy opened its doors 30 years ago. Since then, we’ve improved the lives of thousands of patients of all ages and from all walks of life.

Our holistic approach has successfully treated recurring conditions such as colds, flus and earaches. We’ve also had success treating serious lung, heart and digestive diseases, as well as a gamut of mental illnesses from anxiety to depression.

More locally, we’re known in the homeopathic community as founders of the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy where most of the city’s homeopaths were taught. We’ve taught hundreds of students (and other homeopaths) from all over the world through clinics, workshops and lectures.

We’re all members of international homeopathic organizations, and lifetime students, forever staying abreast of — and contributing to — the exciting developments in the ever-evolving field of homeopathic healing.

“Homeopathy – what could be safer, more gentle and smarter to spur the body to heal itself?

The talented practitioners at the Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy have a long history of care, and caring deeply for their clients. As my primary care (go to first) health care provider, I am  confident that I’ll receive proper holistic attention to my needs as I move into later life. The practitioners have proven to be entirely knowledgable, experienced and professional in dispensing health care.

The atmosphere of the Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy exudes capable, professional practitioners who know what they are doing. Among them, there are many decades of health care experience. ”

– Cathryn, Vancouver, B.C.

“I have been receiving homeopathic care from the practitioners at the Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy for 15 years. When I first began I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was severely crippled with pain and inflammation in most of my joints. The medical treatment was very strong steroid and immune suppressant medication with was very difficult on my overall health. I felt I was in a loop between the side effects of the medication and the severity of the inflammation, I didn’t know where to turn. Through ‘care – full’ , gentle, completely safe homeopathic treatment I quickly started to have less pain and less inflammation. The process continued and I am happy to say that I have been pain free and inflammation free for many, many years. My overall health has never been better! Thank you homeopathy!”

– Janet K., North Vancouver, B.C.